Have you ever went inside a discussion and came out without posting review??

February 27, 2010 5:41am CST
hi guys, i dont post review to all the discussion i go in and see,if i like the discussion and if it's some thing meaningful then only i will post reviews.do you post reviews if you go in and see the discussion??
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• India
27 Feb 10
i have done it many times . i think that the discussion will be about a certain and i will go to post the review . but after reading the description it might be about some other thing and i will post reesponses to such things if i dont like them or i am not able to understand the discussion .
• Philippines
27 Feb 10
Hi thunderbala, Yes, I do get in and out of discussions. I think there's nothing wrong with that if you choose not to respond. The title of discussions usually caught my eye but when I read the content, I realize it's not what I'm familiar with, so I would choose not to respond at all instead of posting irrelevant reply just for earnings sake.
• India
27 Feb 10
In many discussions i have not posted any responses. If the topics is my field of interest or familiar to me than only i respond to the discussions.
@Hatley (164226)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Feb 10
no not really as if I go that far its because I am interested so yes I post a response,we do not call them a review as review means something entirely different, the word to use is review. and when you reply to a response on your own discussion we call it a comment. if you use the proper terms it will make things more clear and easier for all to respond.