The Alphabet:: Why is it in that order?

@series6 (294)
February 27, 2010 8:25am CST
We've been using all these letters her on the internet. But did it ever cross your mind as its order? Why should it start with the letter A and ends with letter Z? It's not part of the natural law... right? So we can just interchange them... But of course for no reason.
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@ybong007 (6656)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
I don't know either. Maybe it's because we have to start from somewhere. I'm sure humans did not come up with the alphabet overnight. If you'll notice, "a" is the easiest to say if you compare it to "s" or "z". Just like a child, the first syllable uttered is "a". But on why it was arranged according to the order it is now. I'm really clueless .
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
I think the pattern is on the ancient time & improve in modern time, Do you remember the tower of babel w/c have many languages in each culture. God wants some orderliness & discipline. God want them to understand each other dialect or languages.They pattern on the soundness of speech.
@Reyk22 (132)
• United States
1 Mar 10
The egyptians used hyroglyphs instead of an alphabet, which was not ordered in any way. They did have a number system though that was ordered. My guess is that the other languages built upon the order thing from the number system of the egyptians and other related peoples because the people with an alphabet used the alphabet to create words instead of using symbols for each word or sound.
@neildc (17250)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
28 Feb 10
you made me think about this discussion and also made me some searches. but unfortunately, i also found no answer on why alphabet is ordered like this. do you have any question? next question please?
• United States
27 Feb 10
Series6, I do like the way you think! It's in the series it's in because humans who use it have agreed to have it so. There was a time when there was no such thing as correct spelling, and things were very difficult to read. Perhaps the alphabet has been in any number of configurations and this one is the one the "stuck".