what are some fun ways to play table tennis? what do you think of mine?

United States
February 27, 2010 11:58am CST
although you can play table tennis the normal way there are some other ways that I have found to be more fun. 1) swedish fish - basically just playing ping pong with swedish fish. You just pelt the other person with sweish fish, which you hit with your paddle. Its mad fun. Its so much fun, although they rarely hit when you move, its crazy. A large pouch of swedish fish will last about 15 minutes. They literally will shatter when they hit the walls, and they kindof hurt if you get hit by one. Its crazy fun, I did this with my freind and then with a group of people, and it was one the funnest experiences of my life. The only bad part is cleaning up the swedish fish peices, but that doesn't take long. 2) tennis tacket ping pong- although this sounds stupid its fun, just switch the ping pong pattles with tennis rackets, and it gets pretty intense. 3) doubles - although you think this would be a hard scoring game, its not because everyone gets confused whether you or your teammate should hit the ball. I honestly think that it depends on what type of freinds your with. If you're with laid back joking freinds its pretty fun, but if you're with your really competitive freinds its not fun at all. Swedish fish is the most fun though. you should really try it. but tell me what are some fun ways that you play ping-pong.
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@edxcast (1169)
• Ecuador
2 Mar 10
One friend "invented" Cellphone ping pong, haha. Everyone had to use his cellphone as a ping pong racket. Weird game, even more weird guy, lol. We also have played "mosca" dunno how is called on other countries. The game required around 5 people(more doesnt hurt, less is kind of problematic to play) and we played like going on circles(one at a time hit the ball while going to side to side, dunno if i explain myself). If you miss you are out. In the end only two would stay and play a match of three points. The winner earned one "mosca" that is having an extra life. Its easy to play but hard to explain though. Playing doubles is not so hard at least for me and my friends. When we play doubles the rule is simple for example you and then your teammate, you and then your teammate, and so on and on. Other game is called "inheritance". The game is playing matches to 7 points. And for example if you win 7-2 the next player will start with 2 points, points that he inherit from his predecessor. Good game if you really want to prove you are the best.