Wondering if all these natural disasters is a sign of a wrath??

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February 27, 2010 12:43pm CST
With all these natural disasters occuring, now 8.8 currently in chile and a Tsunami warning in Hawaii, are you wondering if there is one coming your way? Knowing that earth plates are constantly moving, I myself beleive that New York is due for a hit. It is pretty scary stuff. Are you prepared for a natural disaster? What would you do if an earthquake strikes your town? Furthermore is this ocurring due to biblical proportions, wrath?? I wonder what will happen next, volcanos will erupt, or dangerous hurricanes???
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28 Feb 10
No, no and NO! This is just how the world is. The world is a scary place and it is tough to live in, but that does not mean that it is going to come to an end.
@mslena75 (561)
• United States
28 Feb 10
Did you ever see that TV show, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura? He did an episode about the HAARP installation (I think that is the acronym). It has been found that it can actually be used to affect weather patterns. Pretty scary thought if you ask me! I can't help but wonder when I think about Hurricane Katrina, the quake in Haiti, and now again in Chile. Although I guess quakes don't really qualify as weather. Anyway, look it up, it's pretty interesting.
@trruk1 (1028)
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27 Feb 10
By definition, natural disasters are natural. If you want to view them as some sort of divine intervention, you can do that. Events like the destruction in New Orleans because of Katrina do not occur with no warning, nor are they created to punish inhabitants. There were many clearly expressed warnings about what a major storm would do to New Orleans, and nothing was done. Politicians said it would cost too much money to protect the city. The storm cost a great deal more than that. Predicting exactly when a particular disaster will occur is very difficult. Predicting that it will, in fact, happen someday approaches certainty.