Marry the person who love you not the person you love.

February 27, 2010 3:00pm CST
There is old statement that if you want to lead the happy life you should marry the person who love you not the person you love. The reason given for this is when in life there is need for sacrifices other person will give with pleasure.
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@LaurenInLA (2271)
• United States
27 Feb 10
I think that if you marry someone who loves you but that you don't love it is a recipe for misery for the person who loves. I don't think that you should marry anyone to whom you are not 100% committed and it's really not fair to the other person. Marriage is very difficult and without love it is impossible to get through all of those rough patches that all of us encounter
@Downwindz (2541)
• Netherlands
27 Feb 10
Well i can only 100% agree with that, marry the person who loves you, but ofcause the optimal is if you both love each other :)
• Brazil
27 Feb 10
WEll, love comes in many forms. I love my family and my friends. You should marry some one who likes you and who you like. but let's get straight what "like" means. Many people are crazy about other people. They do anything to make them happy and they are single-handedley devoted to another person. This is not the ideal relationship as someone always gets hurt. You should find someone with whome you have fun with and who makes you feel good about yourself. This person doesn't necissareley have to be dedicated to you but has to be connected with you. And has to be your friend. above all things. I love my friends and I guess they also love me, so it IS POSSIBLE to have a relationship with mutual love. This 'love you loves you' is something that a desperate guy who didnt get any grils once said to try to explain something he knew absolutley nothing about.