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United States
February 27, 2010 3:49pm CST
i will be starting college this fall n although i have a job i dont make enough money to survive. im not interested in taking surveys online or anything lik that becasue the ones ive tried just didnt work out.. do you have any suggestions on ways to make money? they dont have to be online im open to any ideas.
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@snoopyfan (1315)
• United States
27 Feb 10
I can recommend being a mystery shopper. You choose the assignments you want and get paid through pay pal. Some shops are free some may be as simple as go to In and Out and order a cheeseburger which I have done. You get paid for the assignment and for what you order. I also have done Citibank and all I had to do was go in and get information on how to open a checking account. I didn't have to open one. You do make the reports on-line and have to send them in by the deadline in order to get paid. You can either type in mystery shopper or secret shopper in your search engine and you will find a lot of sites. The reports are very simple and easy to do. It is one of the ways I make extra money. I also do surveys and I have some that work well and a few that don't. Another suggestion I have for you how about some odd jobs? I am not sure where you are living but how about being a tutor for someone? Pet sitting, dog walking, etc. You might want to put a flyer on your campus bullentin board and get some extra work doing things that won't interfere with your school work and job. Good luck to you.
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@vball4 (30)
• Canada
28 Feb 10
could you send me the link for mystery shopper 2 sounds interesting?
28 Feb 10
hei this site also make money right