My neighbour

@allknowing (86828)
February 28, 2010 12:51am CST
It is only when her children arrive from abroad I get the whiff of food being cooked in her house. I wonder what she feeds her husband with on other days? Not that I am concerned about them but am just curious!!
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@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
28 Feb 10
Not that we are curious in others' affairs, but it automatically comes to our notice. Hence I understand your genuine doubt. For that matter, I get doubt about my neighbour that they are always making idly, dosa (tiffin items) and never make any food item at all. They grind dosa, idly batter once in three days, go on making idly (rice cake) or dosa (circled batter cooked dish). They break coconut and make chutney as side dish. Not a single time I got any other smell of any dish being made in their house.
• United Arab Emirates
28 Feb 10
hmmm..i cannot really tell when and what my neighbor cooks. I suppose they dont either. your neighbor prob'ly has good exhaust system. =)
@lelin1123 (15635)
• Puerto Rico
28 Feb 10
Funny observation but when I think about it I never smell food coming from my neighbors houses either. We do cook in my house just about every night. I never thought about it till you started this discussion. I guess alot of people eat out or bring fast food home. I'm going to observe this a bit closer but in the three years that I'm here I really haven't smelled coking. Only barbacues in the summer time.
@LaurenInLA (2271)
• United States
28 Feb 10
Wow. I never really noticed whether or not my neighbors cooked or not. If you were my neighbor, you would never get a whiff of food being cooked in my house. I always make what I make best...reservations at our favorite reataurants. i hardly every cook at home anymore. Take care.