limp with aa!

@mets94 (16)
February 28, 2010 11:51am CST
do you usually limp with aces?i usually dont limp at all because usually some crap hands got something.i have one picture where one guy limped with aces but i got very lucky that he(or she) limped.
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@nykel88 (1003)
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
Limp with Pocket Aces and be ready to get beaten by Pocket 2s. If you limp strong pairs QQ, KK, AA then you should know when to fold them in the flop or turn. That is the wrong play for beginners, they limp because they want to build the pot not knowing a hand of Aces vs 3 - 4 more opponents reduces its winning percentage. So big pairs = Big raises. If a player with trash hand calls then you can earn from them but if he gets lucky then don't worry you are doing the right thing because 1/3 of the time his hands win against Aces.
@3k1sm4n (10)
• Philippines
6 Mar 10
Well having watched several episodes of WPT and WSOP tournaments, I would conclude that it depends upon one's playstyle. Because seeing pros play in those tourneys, they usually limp in with LITERALLY any hand. Using their experience in playing poker, they can then get usually get reads from their opponents that can make them win or lose their hand. But that's tournament poker. Playing poker online, I say I do would limp in with aces, given that they're suited or straight connectors. P.S. aerous, no offense, but if you could've only read the TAGs located somewhere below his post, you could've known he was talking about poker. LOL.
@aerous (13461)
• Philippines
5 Mar 10
I can't catch up on what are you talking here, my friend. But being a limp is really a big deal for me.