Kazook is FULL OF IT.

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November 15, 2006 6:47pm CST
Read this message posted on their website http://www.kazook.net/?r=1001 Let's play "count the discrepancies" (I will note them with a **). 15th November 06 It is my unfortunate responsibility to let you know that from today forward, Kazook will be unable to run as it has for the last few months. Kazook started off as a search engine that paid members 1 cent for each search they did in Google, Yahoo, MSN, **Ask, **Lycos, Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines and **Altavista. **Ask, Lycos and Altavista were never part of Kazook. In the beginning, it started off very well, however along the way has hit problems, which have contributed to its downfall. In the beginning, we powered our search engine with Bidvertiser, a pay per click advertising system that we used to display links above our search results and on the index page. However, after a few weeks working with Bidvertiser, they contacted us of concerns that people were clicking adverts too much and provided a list of people doing so who we were advised to block from our website. As we didn’t want to have to ban half our members, we chose to change over to a different advertising network, allowing our entire member base to continue using Kazook. However, other problems have also arisen. A number of members chose to Spam their referral link in places they weren’t particularly allowed and resulted in our host supplying us with a warning about Spam. We have been requested to remove our affiliate program, which we simply can’t do, as without it, Kazook would struggle to continue running. Apart from that, we are receiving over 3 million visitors a month, the majority of who are **searching and causing problems for our host and the system. **Wasn't the point to search??? Kazook is unable to continue running. We considered whether we should allow Kazook to run for a little while longer, however we felt it would be unfair to lead members into a **false sense of security. **The false sense of security that I feel now that I learn about this, when only 2 days ago, an administrator emailed me to say that yes the $500 amount seemed hard to reach but "I'd have it in no time"... Also, allowing the site to run as it currently is may result in us **loosing all information about our members. **Kazook doesn't know how to use spell check? Any members who have reached minimum payout, or were about to reach payout will receive their payment soon, accompanied by an attached apology. **THAT WON'T HAPPEN. Who was able to make $500 in the short time it was open (2 months, from September to November). It is a mathematical impossibility.
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16 Nov 06
They had good intensions but people abused it by searching for things they weren't interested in to increase thier numbers. If people would just use it for what they need I'm sure it would work out correctly.
@asimo603 (1366)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 06
i agree with you,the intention of the user is very important. Lets hope that the members of Mylot would not be of that like Kazook as I do enjoy reading those discussion posted as well as the responses and wouldnt want to see Mylot has to come to an end due to misuse of members. The one thing that I would like to voice out is -- Mylot admin to answer to members queries via PM is very poor.
• India
16 Nov 06
I heard..what's it???
@gnt23tr (1015)
• United States
16 Nov 06
what about our personal info that we put in the registration form.
@tibido (4080)
• Italy
16 Nov 06
@niamhlet (80)
• Ireland
16 Nov 06
Ah, I always thought it was a pile o poo