HElp .. Wat would u do ....

March 2, 2010 12:53am CST
Well hi People. . im at dis terrible What would you do when some OLD girlfriend of yours hit backs on you that you broke up wid....knowing you are already in a relationship with someone ... Suggestions needed...
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@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
2 Mar 10
Stay away from her. If you don't have anymore feelings towards her then you won't be needing advices from us. Make sure you don't feel anything towards her anymore and tell her off. You don't want to lose your current relationship because of an ex girlfriend that dumped you once. Show her that she can't get whatever she wants and tell her you are happy with your relationship now and that she can never ruin it.
• India
2 Mar 10
well ya right ... thanks for eerythin :) i shd probably ignore her and move on ;)
@itwirl (44)
• Singapore
2 Mar 10
Stay far far away from her! She might just wanna destroy your current relationship.. Would you let her do that to you? Do you still have feelings for her?? I don't know your full story but since you're already in a new relationship, IGNORE your ex gf who is trying to hit back on you. Running back to you now is too late for her.
@fsll518 (304)
• China
2 Mar 10
I guess in your case, it was her who dumped you before, right? Then if you already got a truly loving girl, then just say no to your own one... she was being cruel, and she should pay the price. Don't let her think you are a crap! If she can dump you once, who knows maybe she'll dump you twice... So, good luck and be careful.