The fate of our earth and our people... everybody should concern.

@fsll518 (304)
March 2, 2010 1:17am CST
Hi, dear mylotters, recently I watched a video: a prophet predicted that from 2012 to 2043, will happend lots of disasters, earthquakes, plagues, flood, etc... finally, 80% of world population would perish, and only about 20% would survive. Hope we discuss about it and I would like to have everyone's opinions: What's your religion? Does your religion mention anything like this? What is the solution for people to go through the disasters? Do you believe the later day disasters at all? Ok, welcome to discuss.
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• Malaysia
2 Mar 10
everyday on the tv, media and in the newspapers, we see and read about disasters. the frequency of disasters and calamities are increasing and worrisome. what has become of earth? is the earth revolting to all the happenings in the world. are these signs of end time and the second coming of Christ. what are we to do to redeem ourselves.go back and seek God's grace,mercy and favours. more so to repent of our ways. anyone out there who has the understanding and wisdom in this area.