A new ebook for kids and parents about World Disasters.

@kbkbooks (7022)
March 2, 2010 6:45am CST
At http://www.kreatedbykewpie.ws/kbkbooks/Haiti/index.html you will find the new ebook that I just published. Its for kids and parents to read together to think about what is happening in disaster struck areas of the world and what little kids and teens can do to help. If I sell any I will donate a dollar to UNICEF per copy, and they are only $5 each. You can pay with Paypal or any major credit card. Check it out. I'm just one person and writing is one of the things I do best and I just wanted to help. Its really very short but it makes the point. If you have young folk, it might really be a good starting off point for a family discussion.
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