The Past

March 2, 2010 9:39am CST
hi guys.. i'm wondering about a previous relationship that i had. we met at a un expected time at an unexpected place and at an unexpected occassion. and what happened was that we had a moment where we sort of reminisced our past and there was a song played at that time. most likely it was one of those songs we used to sing when we were still in the relationship. after that moment i felt like i have to talk to her and i had a feeling of missing her. and i also felt that both of us want to make do things again because we ended up our relationship without any good reason at all. tell me guys, am i suppose to do anything about what happened. or should i just stay passive about things. is it me or are those moments like a good omens for reviving our past. please advice. i need your best responses. im in the verge of confusion and i don't know what to do.HELP!
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@krisnel (498)
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
it is still up to you, have you ask yourself if you really still had feelings for her or you have got carried away on that moment. if i were you i will take some necessary steps to get her back. there is no harm in trying. you dont have to think and think because nothing will happen. so court her again.
@rachel999 (210)
• India
3 Mar 10
Hi Wizard, Your explanation itself is a little confusing but I did read it over and over again. According to my point of view is, you need to meet this person again, casually or for a date, do not tell her regarding this confusion, some girls make like it or some may not. The main reason of me asking you to meet her again is for you to understand more about her, what magnetic pull does she have which makes you miss her, you need to read her eyes, feel the situation and try to visualize your hidden answers, I know I am sounding confusing too, but if somehow you understand a bit of it, you will know what exactly to do. If you play hard to get, you may not really archive anything, just give it a try. Take Care & God Bless