March 2, 2010 9:52am CST
Are you a spendthrift who doesn't even have a second thought before buying anything(even if that thing is not so important) or are you a balanced person and think about the future?
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2 Mar 10
There was a time where I believed that money was meant to be spent and nothing else. But these days having learned some hard lessons I am a lot more cautious with money, rarely buying anything which isn’t a necessity and always trying to squirrel always what ever money I can into savings.
@primeaque86 (8107)
• Philippines
2 Mar 10
I was a spendthrift before... I would rush bringing the item I like in the counter and had it paid... but not now, not now I already knew the important of every centavo. This time, I will always have a second thought, I weigh first the important of a thing to be bought... then if it really that necessary, I would allocate a budget for it... I realized that money is very hard to find, but could be spend in a second if not allocated well for the good.
@peavey (16991)
• United States
2 Mar 10
I'm totally the opposite. I sometimes hate to spend money even when I need to. Frugal to a fault.
@avani26 (1519)
• India
2 Mar 10
I am the most spendthrift and never give a second thought but my hubby is quiet the opposite. That is the only reason why he does not give me money in my hand. Even if he does he will actually put a budget and always expects me to save something from it. I am not a person who would think about the future or savings.
@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
2 Mar 10
I wish I can spend money freely, but reality tells me that I can't afford to do that. With my meagre monthly income and mouths to feed at home, I really don't have the luxury to spend money anyhow and anytime I like. In fact, I even have to budget my spendings so that there can be some surpluses for saving. Therefore, I am not really a thrifty minded person. It's simply that I have no choice.