Life has meaning - when you have kids!

March 2, 2010 12:16pm CST
Friends, You feel like having a meaning to live on this earth when you have kids. Something that brings joy and fun.In any hard situations kids change your mind. You are their world! They are your world too!! Enjoy a complete life cyle of their growth starting from seeing them on scan till they born, growing, wooow what a wonderful feeling! Nothing more to add, have a kid, you will write more than this! We have to little angels!!! Cheers
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@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
3 Mar 10
I totally agree with you. For anyone who has the blessing to be a mother, or is currently pregnant, the experience of having a child is simply beautiful beyond meaning. And, when you see them grow and learn new things everyday it is utterly wonderful too. The feeling of satisfaction you should feel when you look into their happy eyes especially when they have achieved something is too pleasing, it goes right down to your heart. I cannot imagine living without children in a family, and when I think about it I pray for couples who cannot have children.
@sassy28 (835)
• United States
2 Mar 10
It is amazing how your life changes once you have kids. Everything is not about you anymore but about them. I have two boys 8 and 10, and needless to say we never have a dull moment. No matter what type of mood you are in they can always make you smile, and even make you madder. But the good times will always outweigh the bad times. It is also amazing how you loose your identity, you are no longer Mrs. or Mr., but Josh or Will's mom. Take time to enjoy the simple things with them, little things make them happy. Mine are happy just for me to sit with them and watch their favorite programs, or watch as they perform a new trick on their ripstick(new trick being they can stay on it, lol).
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@maximax8 (31185)
• United Kingdom
5 Mar 10
Life has more meaning when a person has kids. Kids can be pure delight. From a cute little baby to a fun loving toddler. Then the child grows up into a playful little fellow or lass. I have a baby daughter and she is eight months old. I have also got a disabled toddler son. In addition I have got a fourteen year old son. My children give me such delight and pleasure in my life. Finding out about my son's disability was stressful because it was at 36 weeks pregnancy. Now he is here he is wonderful but in pregnancy I was worried with how badly affected he might be. He spent the first three weeks of his life in the special care baby unit. He has two operations: one to close the hole in his back and the other to put a shunt in his head. My son gets lots of appointments and he needs catheter care around the clock.
@Hatley (164168)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Mar 10
hi vjenterprise you are really wise, and your kids will love and appreciate you for being so wise and insightful too. love them and hold them'close as they grow up so fast and leave the nest to take the great lessons you taught them to their own marriages. a loving kind parents breed more loving kind parents in the next generation. have fun.
@cher913 (25859)
• Canada
2 Mar 10
yes, having kids does add many more dimensions to your life but also can be one of the biggest causes of stress in your life too! we have a teenager and an almost teen (on sunday!) and life can sure have its ups and downs when they reach that age! not only that, my mother in law is having problems with my hubbys older sister! hubbys dad has altzheimers and the sil is ordering mom to do things (like the sil is the parent and the mil is the child.