Who has the better career, JBL or Batista?

@hbk2244 (180)
United States
March 2, 2010 2:45pm CST
John Bradshaw Layfield won numerous Tag Team and Hardcore while also winning the U.S. I/C and WWE Championships on one occasion. Meanwhile, Batista has won the WWE/W.H. Titles numerous times in addition to be a two time Tag Team Champion. I'm giving the edge to JBL, what about you?
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• Australia
23 Apr 10
Gosh you know Bradshaw was such a great competitor in his career. I especially liked him in the APA/Acolyte days. Even when he went on to singles he was great. Batista had alot handed over to him. He got to straight away work with guys like Ric Flair and Triple H. He was no doubt just seen a a big monster. I have to say JBL has done better because think he has given more effort. He started at the bottom and made his way up and that is truly great.
@fred11 (62)
2 Mar 10
I think JBL has a better career he is ahead of Batista for one thing. And JBL And JBL stated at wwe as 1/2 Team APA at frist. Then he got a job at wall street and fox news as they say as a stock annalys. After that went back to wwe since then went introduce he is always on a strech lemo with big horns in front
@MrKennedy (1993)
2 Mar 10
That's a hard one to decide. As for their in-ring ability, I have never been a fan of either man. Batista I find is too boring and slow, and always seems to get injured a lot, and JBL is nothing special really. JBL, formerly known as Bradshaw, has been in the business longer and has achieved stacks of titles (including the longest WWE title reign in recent history). However, 'Tista still has handfuls of opportunities ahead as JBL is no longer wrestling. I personally prefer JBL. He is an awesome heel (one of the best at generating heat), and plays a wonderfully amusing character. Also, when he was co-commentator of SmackDown a few years ago, he was legendary I just wish WWE would bring this charismatic man back and give him a permanent commentating role. Also, I have never liked Batista, both as a performer and in real life. In his biography, he admits to having left his previous wife because he didn't want to look after her when she got struck down with cancer. What kind of man does that to his wife?