Getting some mysterious mail?

@brotha (228)
United States
March 2, 2010 6:30pm CST
I noticed that myLot requires an address on top of your Paypal information for you to receive pay. I'm not sure, but I believe I remember reading they will never use your *email* to send you spam or advertisements, but did they say anything about your address? Can they give out your address to advertisers to send you products and stuff in the mail? I really don't want to be receiving any unwanted mail or spam. Have any of you experienced any problems with giving out your address on myLot? Has anyone noticed any extra mail or a little more advertising in the mail than normal? The mail wouldn't necessarily be directly from myLot but it could be from someone (a company or advertiser)they gave the address to. MyLot has a lot of information about each of their members through these discussions so they could potentially share that to make extra money. There are companies that already do that with harvesting information from facebook (read your profile, find what you like and sell that knowledge to companies that will email you or potentially mail you stuff). So this could easily be happening here. I'm really just wondering how safe my address is. Thanks!
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@mysdianait (66221)
• Italy
3 Mar 10
I have been here almost three years and I have never ever received anything that could possibly have come from anyone that got my email addresss through myLot, except for my payouts from Paypal. I think that you read this: "Don't Post anything that discloses your personal information or others' personal information. We do not disclose it to anyone for good reason." Some users post their email address in discussionsa unaware that anyone can read them regardless of whether they are a member here on myLot or not.
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@Hatley (164072)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Mar 10
hi broha I have never noticed any increased spam after being on mylot and I have been here for two years. never give out your personal info in any of your discussions and do not put your email addy into your discussions either.mylot asks that you do not do that for obvious reasons. so we are safe here.
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• United States
3 Mar 10
I have delt with Pal pal for year now and have never had any problem what so ever. All and I do mean all my online purches are made through pay pal. If they do not accecpt pal pal they dont get my business. Pay Pal has even given money back to me from a purchase made on ebay and I never received it. So pay pal gave my money back with out me hardly doing nothing. they took care of all of it. I feel that not only is pp safe but I have even linked my back account to it. Like I said I have never had any problems what so ever.I have been a member of pay pal now for 4 years.
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