How do you manage when you realized you have FALLING OUT OF LOVE in him/her?

March 2, 2010 9:55pm CST
One thing I have learned from falling OUT OF LOVE: "If you don;t love the person at all, never give him/her reasons to love you even more." Simply true. A thought to remember. Right?
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@phyrre (2317)
• United States
3 Mar 10
That's a pretty good quote. Personally, I think if you've fallen out of love with someone then the best thing to do is be honest with them, even if it hurts them. There's no easy way to deal with it, but if you break it off early instead of letting it drag on for another year or whatever then it'll be easier. It's hard to live a lie and in the end you're just going to end up hurting them even more for however long you prolong it because most times they can tell something is wrong and you start to resent the relationship. I always tried to be fair and end things with my boyfriends when I felt that it wasn't going anywhere. I felt awful with my ex-boyfriend ending things because he cared so much about me, but he was smothering me. I went on vacation and he'd call every day and I found myself dreading the calls and getting annoyed at them to the point where I realized that I really didn't miss him at all. I'm glad I broke up with him, though, because I started dating my husband at that point, who I love very much and hate being away from even for a night. It's hard falling out of love with someone, but it's worth it to find the one person that you'll love for the rest of your life. There's no better feeling than that.
• Philippines
4 Mar 10
Such a nice piece of advice. A thought to keep. I appreciated your response phyrre. Sometimes it's better to end up lies as early as we could than saving a relationship with lies. So sad but true.
@saphrina (31552)
• South Africa
3 Mar 10
I agree. You only end up hurting both . TATA.
@jammyt (2818)
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
This saying has sense.