good ads or family background

March 2, 2010 10:13pm CST
we can see a lot of ads from different candidate that sometimes only makes me feel so irritated. specially the one with loren legarda with her motto "aalagaan ko kayo" i said huh. she even sounds like a very soft spoken person and very polite person which in fact in real life she is not. such a fake ads for me. another one is villar, trying to use those street children as he know most of the voters are less fortunate and so he knows he can captured their heart by promoting it. i rather believe those other candidate who run for their candidacy without giving any financial effort for big ads like gordon and bayani but if you can see their personal background they really contribute a lot in our country but look like they left behind due to they dont have big ads nor they are not that well known unlike the others. though i wouldnt say i will vote for them as im still thinking of who coz im still not done with my research.
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@bystander (2299)
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
when a candidate projects himself/herself with the finest virtues, probably he/she is not, homeshoppers. why belabor the issue? so, don't let them get into your nerves, you don't need another stress in your daily existence. the moment you see them on television, get the remote and go to another channel. regarding your search for their backgrounds, from the internet or any available source, probably those materials have also been tailor-made for their political ends. talk to people, listen to the wind...
@bystander (2299)
• Philippines
8 Mar 10
that's a lot better, letranknight.