Do you agree with Black market cell phones?

@cintoy (1014)
March 3, 2010 5:50am CST
as the title goes, do you agree with the black market phones? well, it is very cheap and we can get even the latest updates of mobile phones. What do you guys think. It is more to the disadvantage or more to the advantage?? please share your thoughts
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@tonyllenium (6259)
• Italy
12 Mar 10
in reality i don't like very much the black market as regards mobile phone!!First because i don't trust too mcuh about these kind of products and also i am not those person that i change my phone every year or so soon..on the contrary i will change really seldom my mobile phone so when i buy one new after many years i prefer a trusted and original product than one from a black market!!
@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
8 Mar 10
Advatages of black market phone is a cheap price. The drawback is a poor quality. I prefer the official mobile phone of the black market. Because i do not want to take riks.
• Philippines
8 Mar 10
if those are original phone then why not as those are cheaper than in store, i know its not good to tolerate them but reality check i will go for that besides i know i know they didnt steal it its just that they smuggle it without paying proper taxes
@fsll518 (304)
• China
6 Mar 10
it is popular to certain group of people, then it is necesary to exist... low price maybe indicates low quality, but if it can work as a cellphone, then people would need it. rich people buy brand goods, poor people buy cheap phones from black market, then everybody is happy. (Here I meant "shan zhai" phones.)
@kaylachan (10055)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
5 Mar 10
I don't think its wise to take something like that illgeally. I don't promote black market things because I don't know where they have been. I find those to be dangerous. So if you can't afford a good phone then you shouldn't be buying one in the first place.
@neildc (17250)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
3 Mar 10
i have bought a lot of phones from the black market. so far i have no problems with them. they all both work like the ones we buy in stores where they sell branded phones and expensive.
@adhyz82 (36255)
• Indonesia
3 Mar 10
hm it`s dillema i think if you ask me as customer off course i like black can reduce the price of cell phone, LOL
• India
3 Mar 10
I think its totally disadvantages because black market is not so good enough and and cell phones my god i will never but though i will not carry phone but i will not buy cells in black market.