FRIEND is...

@felliana (114)
March 3, 2010 5:58am CST
Each of us have a friend...wether you meet him/her since childhood, or from the school, or even just from the bus, some of them, we can take them as our friends for life. I, myself have found a friend. And for me, we'll be friends forever...we have already a good times and bad times, yet we have face all this trials, and am so glad that we are still good friends until now...and for that I have a made a description of our friendship... F- fun and forgiving, R- raising thru lives with you. I- indulge in love, E- engrossed in laughter and N- never apart. D- dependable, devoted and S- striving together always. To all who have great friends out there, share me your great poetry 'bout your friends, hope this one finds you a very good and meaningful poetry for your friends.
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3 Mar 10
I agree with you. Friends alway accept who you are and what you are. Friends ready to there for you for rich and for poor, For goodtimes and Bad times..and ready to face all the trials with you.
@felliana (114)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
halo there, thank you for sharing your is true a real friend accept you for whatever you are, he/she sees you as a whole, your good and bad side, and it's a gift from heaven having a true friend in life.
@acie_21 (5640)
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21 Mar 10
hi!.. Making and keeping friends is something that you'll do throughout your whole life. For some people, making friends comes naturally and easily. For others, it can be scary or intimidating. Different people have a lot of different kinds of friendships.You may have friends who you are very close to and who spend a lot of time with, or friends who you only see occasionally. Remember, it is the quality of the friendship that is important, not the quantity. They say that in order to have a good friends, you have to be a good friend. But what is a good friend? A Friend is A friend is like a shade tree Beside a summer way. A friend is like the sunshine That makes a perfect day. A friend is like a flower That's worn close to the heart. A friend is like a treasure With which one will not part. Friends are treasures that are hard to find, Once found, they are worth the keep. Friends accept me for who I am, Not for what I am. For better or worse, they are there always. Whether to be a listening ear, Or a shoulder to cry, a friend delivers. A friend is one to share laughter and pain... im so grateful and happy to have true friends around me.. cheers! happy posting! take care!