When you feel that you have special feeling for some one

March 3, 2010 10:49am CST
When you had the feeling first time? When you realize that you had a special feeling for some one. At that time are you able to really express it or not.
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@besthope44 (12141)
• India
29 Aug 10
Love is a great feeling which has to be expressed. If you find it true, never fail to convey, thats a tribute to the love in real.Yes am in true love and its a feeling of happiness life long.
• Philippines
10 May 10
I had a crush before and he is my best friend since high school. I didn't express it because it might ruin our friendship. But when we graduated in college one of our friends told him about it. And he confront me about it. Of course, I admit it that it is true but that was when we were still in high school. Though we are still the best of friends but of course i won't admit it. I was really ashamed of it. And how i wish i had the courage to tell him about it. Even up to now he is still my crush or maybe my first love :)
• Japan
22 Mar 10
I always know that special feeling every time first meet people who make my heart beating as i look at them and I wont waste my time to do nothing because may be no other chance or time to show that I want them so I will do fast move to make him realize that I am interesting on him,and I always know if he likes me or not in my first day i attack him if he feel good with me then...go on...in next step if not and just forget about it.think i am not the lucky one
@saints15 (13)
• Canada
4 Mar 10
Its hard to tell the truth because once he will know about "I developed feelings", our friendship wouldn't be the same for sure.there will be awkward moments when we chit-chat. soo until now for 5 years of friendship, I am still grateful that we're still communicating and i am happy even though i'm far away. I'm pretty sure, i wont get a chance to be with him ,its okay as long as im still his bestfriend. i guess I will be waiting for other guy instead of him..
• India
3 Mar 10
i had feelings right from my childhood . but my first biggest feelings was when i was 17 and its a great one . at first i will just used to see her but as days went i had love on her and just started feeling it . i tried to express it on a lot of time but i dint have guts to do it . i have tried to talk to her on many times but i dint do it . rather i cant do it . its a great feeling . .