When to know if you've worn out your Welcome!!!

@ladyCJ (19)
United States
November 15, 2006 7:25pm CST
How do you tell your husbands parents/family it is time to go home? Do you tell your husband? You live in the same city but they stay with you for over 3 days and nights! Lets just say you only have 2 bedrooms and children of your own. WHAT DO YOU DO?
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@OneZiggy (79)
• United States
16 Nov 06
tell your spouse 2 handle it, or u will. if your spouse is reluctant or has a sweet spot 4 his family, tell him u'll invite your family 2 come hang out 4 a few days as well (if theyre local, why not? LOL) but seriously, if u have 2 be the one 2 give the axe, just let them know that u really need 2 get your household back 2 'normal' and u'd like them 2 let u know - definatively - what day theyll be leaving so u can prepare 2 put things back in order. u may have 2 tolerate them a wee bit longer since thanksgiving is next wk. or, u can set the deadline and let them know u'll be preparing 4 christmas/holidays soon and need 2 get your house back 2 normalcy in order 2 get ready! its never as seem as u can think it or plan it, but sometimes u just gotta put your foot down (in a nice way @ 1st) 2 get your point across. u know your relationship w/your in-laws better than i do so u mite have 2 alter things a little, but somebody will get the point. if all else fails, 'deprive' your spouse of 'something' thatll get him 2 act - Cheeeeeese! LOL
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@flowerchilde (12534)
• United States
16 Nov 06
Just imagine the old days, or other countries, where grandma and grandpa and aunt and uncle live with you.. Someday it may get to that again.. actually both of our grown up kids (26 & 24) are still living at home and one grandchild.. all in our little house..and our daughter and granddaughter can be real messy, so I designated places where things can be cluttered and places that can't, otherwise the whole house would be cluttered and I'd be nag, nag, nagging all the time.. which I do not enjoy doing, so don't.. It's different if it's your kids tho.. We enjoy having them here..