Why, WHY, WHy??? Be inspired!!!

March 3, 2010 9:23pm CST
Why was SNOW WHITE given an apple with poison? * To show that not all people that are kind to you are really kind. They might have other agenda against you. Looks can be deceiving. Why did CINDERELLA run away when the clock turned 12MN? * To remind us that everything has its limitations, even dreams. Why did ARIEL decided to exchange her fins with feet? * To show that anyone will try to loose anything just to be happy. Be inspired! :)
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@marguicha (216634)
• Chile
9 Mar 10
I have strong feelings about Snow White. I am this the stepmother. I´m sure she was her real mom, the apple was NOT poisoned and Snow White just told her version of the thing. The poor mother had to accept wrinkles, the mirrorr saying all kinds of nasty things to her. Did Snow White understand her? NO She was too immersed in her own reflection. When her mother said: "grow up, I can´t keep you anymore with my salary, go find some work, study, stop it", Snow White made up that story so someone could pity her andgo on pampering while she just listened to music. As for Cinderella, who can believe that a person who works all day cleaning up coal stoves (barefooted) will have tiny feet with silk skin. I´d love to have that cream! If you walk all day, everyday, barefooted, your feet are going to be big and corse skinned. There´s something wrong there too. I haven´t thought much about Ariel. But I do know that if you tell lies about yourself to get a man, at one time or another you will end up in a divorce. Have a lovely day. LOL
• United States
4 Mar 10
Hmmmmm...well in the case of Snow White perhaps she was a bit to gullible and kind and in anothers jeleousy and envy someone decided she was a bit to joyfull and beautiful which of course makes her look bad so the witch came up with a wicked resolution to her problem. I think the messege Cinderella..ella...ella(lol) was suppose to represent is about inner beauty and no matter how perfect things look on the outside is not always the case inside? Ariels is a bit tricky but I guess I would think of it this way imagine the opposite of Ariel, what if you lived on land above water all your life but was always curious about life in the ocean...suddenly the lost city of Atlantis is discovered but only a few are choosen to live in this world in a world of ours you just so happen to be one of those lucky people. Would you accept the opprutunity to live a whole other life?