Do you take help from google while responding discussions..?

March 5, 2010 5:43am CST
Hi mytlotters how are you.. hope all of you will be fine..I want to know from you that you are a person.. who steal matter from google..or take some helped from google or internet.. while you responded to any discussions.. because i saw many peoples here who steal matter from google.. i think.. this is a very very bad habit.. because if you steal matter from ten this matter is not from your thinking.. and your thinking power will not improved if you doing this type of activity.. i think if you want to developed your thinking power then you must be answering to discussions by your own thinking.. if i say about me i never try this type of things.. or say stealing matter from google and copy paste in mylot.. really.. i never try..and in future i will also never try.. so i want to know from all of you.. are you also that type of a person.. who steal matter from google.. or any other resources.. please share your response with me in that discussions.. have a nice day and keep mylotting always..
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