Whose fault is it anyways?

March 5, 2010 5:58pm CST
For the sake of stroking out egos: Bob asks John to show him his new car. John complies and let's Bob check out his new car. Bob, after checking out the new car feels thirsty and goes to get a beer. John, still in the garage continues to inspect his car after Bob leaves. However, through John's misjudgement and divided attention, he totally f--ks up and his car goes in flames, and John dies. John come backs as a ghost to haunt Bob, blaming Bob for his death. Dumbfounded, Bob asks "Why, I didnt do anything?". John retorts, "Yeah, you did! If you didn't ask me to check out my car, I wouldn't have died!" Bob, in response replies "It's through your own incompetency that you died!" Simply: Bobs Argument: John checks car, John f--ks up, John is dead. Therefore, John is dead because he f--ked up. John's Argument: Bob asks John to see car, series of events leading up to John screwing up, John is dead. Therefore, Through series of events which started with Bob asking John to see the car first, is Bob's fault. So who is right? This is an example ~ (P.S. this is an example of an argument my friend and his brother were fighting about~ and he posted it on FACEBOOK, now i posted it here.) THANKS FOR THE HONEST RESPONSES ^__^! I would like to hear what you think :))
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6 Mar 10
I honestly think it is John's fault. He should not have been doing whatever he was doing to cause it to explode. Besides he would have probably done so in the near future anyways regardless. I vote for it was John's fault. Hands down.