He is so forgetful!

United States
March 7, 2010 9:10pm CST
My boss is so forgetful! He has been since the day I met him and as he gets older it gets worse! Some of it is just a guy thing but lately he has been realy bad! He forgot to make s aschedule for this week (our work week starts on saturdays)! It doesn't affect me because I will be on the same schedule until May but it affects the students that work! They need to know! Next the doofus never bothered to tell are execetive chef that he needed to have him order some stuff from are suppilers and that he ordered other stuff from some other suppiliers! Are chef needs to know this! Then M forgets to tell me when students can't work or when someone is sick and can't work for instant! It drives me nuts and it is finally starting to bug other people at work! If M keeps this up he'll need to be sat down and talked to! This can't keep going!
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@Hatley (164231)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Mar 10
hi blue65packer, that must be awful to work for a boss who is forgetful. Schedules for workers are always important'and l would think the forgetful boss would have to be reminded or the workers are going to be out for his blood.the students that work there ' certainly need to know as they also have classes. what is the matter with him,And that poor executive chef how is he supposed to make meals 'without proper supplies? now you are involved when he forgets to tell you about sick sudents and students that cannot work. can you sit him down or is that someone else's responsibility? he had best be careful as he too could be fired.,
• United States
11 Mar 10
These guys won't be fired. They are well liked by the president of the college and this will never happen. M has alawys been forgetful but last week was the worst I have seen him, ever! At the college I work we always have food in the coolers and freezes. We would never run out but those 2 would be doing a ton of running to get stuff they needed!
@jammyt (2822)
• Philippines
8 Mar 10
Well, I understand your predicament but this is up to his superiors and is out of your hands. In the meantime, are you the secretary? I mean, somebody can help him be more organized or at least help him remember what he needs to do. Is he going through something at home?
• United States
11 Mar 10
No I'm not his secertary! I do dishes! Mr.Forgetful is one of the three supervisors at my job. Mr.Forgetful is in charge of the student employment and second in command. I think he and the other 2 supervisor's should have a secertary. Maybe then things wouldn't be forgottan! Maybe stress had to with it. Last week him and his wife had to take her daughter to get set up at the college she is attending this fall. Anyway M will always be forgetful but hopefully never this bad agian!