Awkward Moment: Who Invited Them?

United States
March 7, 2010 10:26pm CST
Have you ever been at a get-together where everyone is laughing, eating, relaxing- having a good time until someone walks into the room and there is a sudden wave of discomfort and awkwardness that settles until that person leaves? Well, I just came from a get together where that happened. It was an eclectic bunch, we all knew each other- some better than others- but the mood was great and everyone was happy. We were laughing, joking, eating, etc. Then my cousin came in with his girlfriend and the entire room tensed. The talking didn't stop or anything, but you can definitely tell the mood shift. I've never met her, but I heard about her dramatic antics- throwing public tantrums, cussing out my cousin and his mother, humiliating my cousin, threatening him, etc. I had thought he had finally broken up with her. Then all of a sudden, he brings her to a get-together. Hmm. Either she felt the change of the mood in the room or she's just off-putting because she walked into the room, barely talked to anyone and sat down. When people said hi to her, she just gave them a small smile and turned away. Maybe she was nervous or something- I don't know. Anyway, have you ever been in that situation where someone's entrance sucks the easy feeling out of the room?
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• Philippines
29 Dec 12
I know someone who really act this way and it really made me small going to a party with her. Well, I have tried to tell her about this because I believe I'm her friend so I told er the truth. But then, she still doesn't care. She doesn't care at all. I guess she just had too much confidence, or it's just her.
@allknowing (85634)
• India
8 Mar 10
There used to be my husband's cousin who always arrived late and demanded to be the centre of attraction. She would literally take over and pay attention to a few of those who would be there who were her favourites - certainly an unwelcome situation but being a 'somebody' people put up with her nonsense!!