Should E Bay and Trademe allow people to sell Ghosts and

New Zealand
March 8, 2010 1:27am CST
Other things that are equally crazy, such as the last Cigarette butt smoked in an Auckland Pub, the Day the made smoking inside, illegal Apparently a lady from Madrid sold Ghosts earlier, and various references have been made as to what happened to her, so if anyone knows. Like to hear. t the moment two ghosts are supposedly contained in vials of Holy Water after being captured from trader 'melvins' House He has put them on Trademe because he dislikes the next step he is supposed to take in burning the bottles. Currently the top bid is $1840.00, so people are bidding, his story is out there and allegedly he will be giving all his dollars to two recipients the Ghosthunter that caprured them, and The SPCA New Zealands Animal Welfare Body. So that is at least a great cause. What is you opinion of some of theses crazy Auctions.
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• United States
22 Jun 10
I understand that there are certain circumstance in which you would believe that there are ghosts. But capturing one, I mean come on now. Even the ghost hunters on tv that have psychics and special equipment used to track ghost haven't caught them. They see that it's there to protect something that was once theres. Most of the time they jsut want to confirm the owner suspicious behaviors since all these sitings and stuff accord on the property. I think that it's bad enough thatpeople believed they caught them. I mean you know they did believe that video going around about michael jackson's ghost. i mean come on guys. I'm a medium so to speak. I feel things and hear things that some people sometimes don't or don't want to hear. I have several confirmations from my dad's old house that this indeed is true about me and that the house up there is haunted but I've never heard of ghost being caught. Just being seen on film or video.