why there are special days like women's day,valentines day,mother'sday..........

@ksmita (515)
March 8, 2010 6:09am CST
hi. do you think there is any need to have such special day's like women's day,mother's day,father's day ...so on! why we need one particular day to celebrate, when everyday we rejoice this relationship or feeling? do you see any reason for this?
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@pastorkayte (2255)
• United States
9 Mar 10
You dont have to celebrate it, but why not. My mom (actually my step mom) has been a positive force in my life and that of my children, she has selflessly given of herself, she has taught me the survival skills all women should know, she helped me find hope, she helped me feel confident, she went out of her way to make me always feel at home in her home. You know what it is an honor and a priviledge for me to honor her in this way. One day out of a year of her giving to me to give to her and make her feel special, so yes I believe she deserves that day.
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• Estonia
8 Mar 10
I agree that we should show our love and respect to our loved ones every day, but not all people do that. There are many people that just kind of "forget" about their partners or relatives, they get used to them and don't see a need for showing their love for them every day. I think that such holidays are a good way to remind these people about the need to show some special attention to their loved ones.
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@rachel999 (210)
• India
8 Mar 10
Hi Ksmita, I totally agree with you, everyday should be welcomed and celebrated, why do they have a special day like womens day, its probably like giving women an added day to rejoice and make her feel more special & comfortable.
• Bulgaria
28 May 11
Hi,i'm agree with you!But there are some people who forget even celebrates...it's nice to make a present to your boyfriend on Valantine's Day,but you have to make it,not to buy it!Something hand-made costs so much more from usual gift from the store... :) That's the point for me....to give your love in your own way!