facebook freebies

@cher913 (25865)
March 8, 2010 4:03pm CST
has anyone heard of this? does anyone participate in this? here is a piece on about in regards to it... http://freebies.about.com/od/allaboutfreebies/f/facebook-freebie.htm?nl=1 i thought my frugal family would like to know about it!
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@jlamela (4906)
• Philippines
11 Mar 10
Hello, Is this feature available for international members?I didn't notice so far any changes in my facebook account. Anyway I will check my page now. Thanks for your valuable sharing.
@cutepenguin (6448)
• Canada
11 Mar 10
Thanks...I do find that being in Canada, I cannot get as many freebies as I could in the states, it's too bad. That being said, I have found a few - enough that I keep on looking.
@dorannmwin (36656)
• United States
11 Mar 10
I have become a fan of several companies on Facebook so that I can get freebies. I love anything that is free. I signed up with Outback so that I could get a coupon for a free blooming onion. I've signed up with International Delite so that I could get some free coffee creamer. I've signed up with some other ones as well. I've always gotten the freebie that I was expecting from the companies. Also, there are a lot of freebies that you are able to sign up for online from other sites and you are able to score a lot of things for free.
@snowy22315 (76558)
• United States
9 Mar 10
That sounds like a good group to join. My roomate got some free things just for being on facebook. He got a free coupon for golden oreos and some hot sauce. I think I will check that group out since I go on facebook about once or twice a day.
@much2say (35848)
• United States
9 Mar 10
Cool! I love getting freebies - and I haven't heard about the Facebook one - so I'll have to go check it out. Though I haven't lately, I do go on other sites to sign up for freebies . . . I love getting those surprises in the mail that I've completely forgotten about (as it takes a while to actually receive the samples and such). I love getting free recipe books and food samples - anything useful. I will say at one time I got too many miscellaneous freebies that I really didn't need - and they just piled up . . . so now I'm pickier about what I sign up for. Thanks for the info!
@writersedge (22577)
• United States
8 Mar 10
I get about.com freebie pages all the time. I've gotten some of their freebies. My favorite was a free California Raisins calendar with recipes.