United States
March 8, 2010 4:59pm CST
What does your household budget look like? Do you live pay check to pay check?
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• Philippines
16 Mar 10
I do budget before I go to grocery or buy my needs. I just to make it sure that I can pay. When I buy I used my credit card.that is the reason I need to budget. I dont wqant to be charge extra for not paying the full amount. The reason why I used credit first because My cash on hand in not enough. I need to pay my monthly amortization. need to pay electricity , water. I need to buget also my everyday fare ingoing to work.
• United States
8 Mar 10
Interesting, I was just thinking about this exact subject. :) Yesterday I saw a promo video for a "class" on getting out of debt/budgeting, and heard some testimonials of people who had used the "class" to pay off some of there debt and I felt encouraged for people whom I know who live pay check to pay check and who are in debt. Currently I don't have a budget (I am single, living with my parents), but I can see the difference between how my siblings (with budgets) and my parents (without a budget) live... budgeting definitely seems the better option.
@coffeegurl (1467)
• United States
8 Mar 10
Unfortunately yes.
@doormouse (4619)
8 Mar 10
at the moment my household budget looks rubbish,my partners self employed so what he earns varies a great deal,at the moment we're struggling to pay the bills,i'm behind with a couple of them,but hopefully at the end of next month we'll be sorted