what's the main factor of the city you would consider as your travel destination

March 10, 2010 1:50am CST
many people would like to plan a travel on their spare time or when they feel it is time to relax themselves. So do i. when you begin to make your trip somewhere, which is the main point you would consider to take this place for your destination,the local food which is flavorous,the famous resorts in the city,or the place with famous history and culture. A true man loves the mountains,a wise man loves the sea. Would you like to share your special opinions with us?
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• Estonia
21 Mar 10
The most important things for me are prices for accomodation, food, museums and entertainment. If it's a very expensive place, then I probably couldn't afford going there. Another important thing is places worth seeing and opportunities for entertainment.
@maximax8 (31162)
• United Kingdom
10 Mar 10
I choose to visit historical cities with attractive looking architecture. I love it in European cities like Lisbon, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul. I am keen on finding out about the local culture and with many religious buildings. That is why I found my visit to Jerusalem fascinating. I adore going to beautiful looking cities that have amazing views like Sydney and Cape Town. I shall be visiting Vancouver this summer. It attracts me by its mountain and coastal setting. I am sure I will really love it there. I usually enjoy trips to coastal cities even more than inland cities.
@phoenix8606 (4977)
10 Mar 10
hi! the main factor that I consider when I go on a vacation/trip to some city are the sightseeings that i can see there. because the most important thing to me when I am on a vacation in some big city is to know what sightseeing there are and are they really worth to be seen!
@JiangQi (24)
• China
10 Mar 10
If i wanna choose a place as my destination ,i will pay more attention on its culture and scenery.Because its special culture can tell more stories to me.I can learn more about what i don't know.Of course,scnery,which can broad my eyes, can't be ignored.Travel is not just for travel,but for a better life...