Lose 5kg to 10kg per month is it real?

March 10, 2010 7:12am CST
I know many people who have lost those Kg's in just months and they wanted me to tell more people about it so they can have the same good results... but i don't know who's interested.. do you know someone who's interested in losing those kind of weights? pm me... tnx...
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@besthope44 (12123)
• India
25 Jul 10
It’s a good idea to have an idea of the calories that most food items have. If it is a packed thing then the label is sure to have the calories that the substance has.
• Philippines
10 Mar 10
You can actually lose a lot of weight but 5-10 kgs/11-22 lbs a month?!?!? But what i can tell you is that during my first semester in college, I drank lots and lots of water and kept wlaking (like 5km EVERY TIME I GO TO SCHOOL and another 5km going home) with that and not to mention being only able to eat some soupy rice gruel or noodles here in school, i lost around 1-2 kilograms in a month... yeah, it's that effective... not to mention we eat healthy stuff here at home... but im not sure if it'll work for you. different bodies need different diets.
@BART78 (2927)
• Canada
10 Mar 10
hahaha! it's like you are asking if a chick can lay egg, naturally approach it is unprealistic goal but if you are frustrated and want to shred a kilos of fat in your body you can go to cosmetic surgeon have liposuction...