Do you like remix songs?

United States
March 10, 2010 3:42pm CST
I had download some of the mp3 from itune to my ipod, and there were a lot of remix songs lately. Do you actually like remix songs. They mix with the techno sounds, and fast tempo, which I don't really like at all. To me, it is like too much noise added to the song, and really distorted the original sound of it. I still like to hear the original song instead of mix it up. What about you?
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@jadoixa (1168)
• Philippines
10 Jul 12
well, for me there are certain remixes of a song that i like compare to an original version but also there are remixes i don't like and would prefer the original version of a song. some remixes enhance an original song or make variations or some messed up a just depends for me..
• Philippines
12 Mar 10
Hello kingparker i think it depends on the kind of remix. I'm not a fan of techno remixes but I love some disco song remixes on the mainstream. It really depends. But I love a reggae remix of a song just last year by Rihanna (sorry I forgot the song title) it's included in my playlist and i never get tired of repeating that song although i forgot the song title haha. :) In the end it's all in the good rhythm and lyrics which makes the song tick, isn't it? :)
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
11 Mar 10
Some time i like remix songs.but most of the time i found them just as they spoiled the originality. as you can imagine.if you put some spicy stuffs in any real tasty things, it could may have more taste or bad. so it really matters some time what the things behind this and how it react.
• Indonesia
11 Mar 10
yes,remix song can give a new taste an new performance to the original song. if the mixer is good in mixing the song, actualy remix song is better than the origin song. At this time i actually learn to mixing the song, the software that i usually use is cool edit pro. Its a pride if we can remix the song and the others is like our remix song... =)
• United States
10 Mar 10
i do like remix songs a lot as long as it's sound good and make sense to me...but i do not like the remix songs with high tempo and techno sounds,it just over beat the songs and i won't be able to hear what the person or the song is saying...i normally don't download those kind of remix and if i do download those kind of remix songs by any chance i would delete them right away.
@Lochoa (222)
• United States
10 Mar 10
not so much :(