what do you think about GOTHIC?

March 12, 2010 6:33am CST
gothic...something weird..brutal... creepy...emotional...etc...
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12 Mar 10
Check out my user name Goths stemmed from the music of the time, the late 70's. Bands like Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephalim, the gothic genre of the movies at the time, the fashion of the new romantic all encompassed the goth. Personally I love the clothes and the music and I am more than comfortable, even now, to wear my long black velvet dresses, my gothic make up and listen to the music. We are not all wierd, scary, brutal or creepy hun, just people who like the genre. It's a shame that so many people make snap judgements of goths and the gothic genre, honestly we're just people hun.
• Philippines
12 Mar 10
yeah i think your right... even me also like gothic i love gothic poetry and story i just dont know why other person thought that gothics are ALL weird etc. that's why i come up to start a forum about what you think about gothic... well THANKZ...
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12 Mar 10
LOL I've spent years trying to explain that I am not a witch, not a vampire, not a wierdo etc., I guess the stereotype will always be there hun
• Indonesia
30 Mar 12
Now we get into the sub-culture and possibly also the style. Definition of gothic sub-culture is not clear (perhaps there is no expert who would examine this issue). Perhaps it is up to each individual course for deciphering what is Gothic ...??
@unique16 (1531)
• United States
12 Mar 10
Violetdie, Dark, black, gloomy, depression, rigid and unconfroming, many rules, not alot food, people who are hungry...not alot happiness, faces are creepy on there stautues, groesque, a lot cureves in there sculptures and not a lot love either during this time. Thanks and have a great day Sincerely Unqiue16