what is your impression about girls who listen to HARDCORE and METAL music?

March 12, 2010 7:18am CST
actually i'm one of these girls that's why i want to know what are the most impressions of people about those girls who listens to these kind of music. . .because most of my friends told me why i listen to those kind of music since i am a girl. . . even the other got shocked when they knew that i actually listen to those headbangin' musicz. . .and they telling the same reason...that i am a girl and i not should listen to those musicz T-T
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@Shavkat (79078)
• Philippines
4 Dec 12
You can be a hardcore if you knew the strength of your being. You don't need to hold back. Show the skills you have than putting yourself in fear towards other people.
@humairaku (2039)
• Indonesia
12 Mar 10
Hi, Violet! I think it's just okay when a girl listens to a metal or hard musics. I like to listen these kinds of musics too and some of my friends said that I'm not a girl at all. . but it's ok for me. musics is about taste, passion and feeling. why should we force ourselves to listen musics we can't enjoy when listening it? for me, it's only musics but I can't pretend myself what kind of musics I like. just go girl! let's rock!
12 Mar 10
It still makes me laugh when people make judgements and generalisations based on gender. I love rock music, I'm a goth and my music rocks. There's nothing wrong with girls liking metal and rock music, despite what others may think hun