peta2 and its contests?

@olisaur (1931)
United States
March 12, 2010 4:48pm CST
I know a lot of people are either totally for or totally against PETA. I don't know if any of you mylot-ers are PETA or have herd about peta2 and the contests they do every Friday. I was just curious if anyone enters those contests? I am a vegeterian and animal lover, and do like Peta2 better than PETA; I think its more friendly for people my age, especially with all its celeb and band collaborations. They have "Free stuff Friday" contests every Friday- mostly vegan/vegeterian products and fashion items (non-leather, etc). I think some of the prizes are pretty cool, but I've never entered. And even if you don't enter these things, do you prefer PETA or peta2? or are you someone who just doesn't give a care about animals? (I really hope no one's the latter.) w
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• United States
13 Mar 10
i really care for animals. i love animals with all of my heart. i think that peta is a great community. it is the best place for animals and people who love animals.
@iridium (436)
12 Mar 10
well this is the first i've heard of peta2 and if ita what you say it is i find it rather disturbing and somewhat cultish. but then i'm pro animal use.