Earth quakes are occurs so frequently that tiny are ignored.

@Aaleexix (2291)
March 12, 2010 8:30pm CST
A tiny quake is occurs. Even a single person come out of there home. It is in my place. What happens to the people. Are they taking quake as common thing like wind, rain, etc? Many rumor are there spreading all over the world about 2012. What is your opinion ..... I am not believe on those rumor but it is right that earthquake are common now.
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
13 Mar 10
*face palm* I was hoping this wasn't another reference to 2012.....sigh...alas. At least you don't believe the nonsesne so props to you for that. As far as earthquakes go...yes, they are as common as rain, etc. Just earth doing what earth does. they are just as common as they ever were. We just have more ways of detecting them now and with advnces in communication, we hear about them more. But there really is no increase in historic seismic activity.
@Aaleexix (2291)
• India
14 Mar 10
Natural calamities are common things. We all know that different reasons of natural calamities. But the this year so frequently earthquakes are occurring that it gives a support to those superstition and the prophecies. If all the earth quakes are counted then almost every week we get any earthquakes from all over the world. It is in new that quake is occurring in Bangladesh the day before yesterday.