showing ads during an over in IPL?

March 13, 2010 2:27am CST
hi friends. when i heard that lalit modi has reduced 7 and half minutes strategy time outs to 5 minutes,i felt something really fishy because he got a business man mentality and i was so right. its usual to see the ads once an over is finished and we ofcourse got used to it but this is the first time ever,i have seen ads shown during an over that too zooming on the ads in the giant screen if it was a fast bowler,sure he takes a long time to get to his bowling mark and u can think of squeezing in a 10 seconds ad but to a spinner? ojha onlys bowls from 8 to 10 feet from the popping crease and what i saw puzzled me. after bowling the ball,ojha goes back to his bowling mark.while he crosses the umpire,we see the giant screen.after they are sure that every tv viewer will be watching the giant screen,they start silly ad which goes for about 10 seconds . after they finish the ads,the camera zooms backs to the bowler and he starts his run up. its like the players halt the game while they show the ads on the screen. well done Mr.Modi
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14 Mar 10
ya its very very frustrating to see adds in between balls. everywhere ipl is bringing business more, not trying to promote cricket more but trying to promote business and earn more money. its not good for cricket and cricket fans. In next ipl bowlers may be forced to bowl only after adds finished, there is no wonder if it happens.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
13 Mar 10
Yes, it really got me as well. I think Modi is making it too commercialized. I think IPL will loose it's charm if this continues. The key to success of leagues world over is to ensure that the game remains intact and the other commercial aspects do not interfere with the game. Mr. Modi has changed this and I think IPL would soon loose the charm. IPL 4, I think there will be a sponsor per ball which goes like this: This ball is sponsored by Mico, the balls of a machine :) Cheers! Ram