iPhone 3Gs vs Nokia 97mini vs Nokia E72 vs Blackberry Bold

March 13, 2010 3:53am CST
Hi there, I want to buy a smartphone. But I don't know which one to choose from the list above. Okay, I want to use the phone mostly for writing in Ms Office and Excel, listening to music and occasionally browsing the Internet (I prefer the phone to have 3G and wifi connection). So can you guys give me some comments or opinions on this matter? I would much appreciate it. Thanks!
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@tonyllenium (6254)
• Italy
18 Mar 10
beh you buy many phones!!You can also consider some phones which they have windows mobile considering you need functionalities from ms office!!I think for this purposes you can buy a blackberry because normally has these functionalities..nokia n97 is good..or even n900 if you need more computer on the go functionalities than simply cell phones!!
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@Jeineh (23)
• Philippines
14 Mar 10
Nokia 5800 is much better. it has 3G,Wifi and gps where you can use a map. you can use it anywhere you go. :)
@sk66rc (4250)
• United States
14 Mar 10
I have a friend who just had nokia e72 & just replaced it with Nokia x6. He loves both of them. He did get rid of his e72, I have no clue what his reasons were for changing his phones or getting rid of his e72. I personally have used I-Phone 3Gs but didn't like it at all. Currently I'm using blackberry bold 2 (onyx or 9700). I know blackberry isn't the best thing since the sliced bread but I like it. I don't like touchscreen to bgin with but that's more of personal preference & not a statement on quality.
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• Pakistan
13 Mar 10
I love iPhone!!!
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@kingnot08 (111)
• Malaysia
5 Apr 10
I personally liked the iPhone compared to blackberry or the nokia phone. I feel more updated when using iPhone. Its features are more elegant compare to blackberry and nokia.
@ravi899 (33)
• India
19 Mar 10
first of all my favourite is iphone, if you ask me i would answer the blackberry or the iphone, blackberry would be the best but it can be cheated, so i prefer iphone the beautiful, and nokia also good. choice is your's, and did u note it's cost.
@rosekiss (30381)
• Eugene, Oregon
19 Mar 10
I don't know anything about the phones you mentioned, as I have never used them. I am using a Samsung Omnia 2 from Verizon Wireless, and I really like the phone. It is like a mini computer in my hand, but the battery life isn't all that good when I use ti to go online, but I just keep my charger with me when I am not home so I can charge it up if need be. I can do a lot more with this phone than any other phone I have ever had or used. I paid a lot for this phone, but it was worth it, as I am able to access mylot and even post from it, and I like that too, as I was hoping that I could. I can also do the other sites that I am a member of, so all in all, it is just a really great phone. It is a windows mobile phone, and that is what I like about it as well. I have always wanted a windows mobile phone, and now that I have it, I intend to use it for a very long time. Take care, and have a very good day.