The New & Improved Version of Safety on Campus

United States
March 13, 2010 6:56am CST
Security on campus isn't what it used to be. At one time, the primary function of those people in uniform who work at universities was about PRIMARILY crime prevention. Today, one would never even know that these people are trained for crime prevention and security since they have been reduced to a chaffeur service for the children who reside there. It would not really be so bad if there were a nore serious reason to have to have a ride on campus, especially at night, but the "service" has undergone terrible abuse by the residents. Walking is problem for many reasons. While the weather and dark streets are the biggest factors, it seems that walking 1/2 to one block, even with friends, is not an option most of the time. Visiting friends at other locations and heading for the closest point to the nearest bar are the biggest reasons for the continually repeated requests for rides from security personnel--on a daily basis. This might not seem bad to most people, but when one considers that the average for a given night can be well over 400 requests for rides, the attitude/abuse/ expectation levels from the riders themselves escalates exponentially over time as well. Security officers are no longer "security".
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