When God gave you the sign but refuse to accept the result....

March 13, 2010 11:43am CST
Before, I ask God a question on who is meant for me and ask Him to give me a sign. My sign was whoever will give me a white rose is the one meant for me. I almost forgot it since many months have passed until a very close guy friend of mine gave me a white rose. Take note that all those time, no one gave me a white rose, they gave me roses but not white definitely! I refused to accept the answer since the guy is a close friend of mine then. Years passed, still with zero love life, the same sign appeared to me just now with the same bearer and this time he made sure to let me know that he likes me. I wonder, after so many years, why no one gave me white rose except for this man? Is he God's answer to my question? Should I accept it? What should I do? Nobody knows that I ask God for a sign and as for this man, we are really close and I like him too but only as a friend and I don't know whether we can be more than friends. Should I give it a shot?
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@eshaan (6192)
• India
29 Mar 10
don't make it a fast rule that the sign will be the decision of your life...give some time and think our his and your relationship, if you feel that he is good for your life and you can live with him happily, then you accept him, otherwise, wait for the proper guy to come in life....don't be hasty or too emotional in this matter ..wish u good luck
• United States
13 Mar 10
If it's a sign, I would protect it. But there is a chance that it may not. It might be your own wish, or a sign made by your god. Either way, you will get better results then you expect. :)
@philgirl (74)
• United States
13 Mar 10
I think that's your sign answer! before I get married I have two men that I really like and I dont know what to do, cuz I dont want to hurt their feeling if I choose one of them. So I prayed and asked a sign to the Lord, later my sign is responded. And were married almost 5 yrs now to the man that I have chosen and we have 1 adorable little girl...Good luck!