History of COMICS

March 13, 2010 11:55pm CST
I came across this article which describes the evolution of comics. Hope u find this interesting. http://aliceandrews.tumblr.com/ Comics, like any other art, had to discover how best to appeal to evolved human capacities and preferences within the resources the medium allows. Its most effective options now seem so natural that they have become transparent and almost invisible: we forget the history of problem solving behind them. Yet we intuitively understand others’ actions, including the creation of works of art, in terms of the problems their actions attempt to solve, in so far as we see these problems. The better we understand the history and resources of artists’ chosen modes, the better we can understand their solutions and their individual novelty. At their best, artists of genius like Spiegelman inspire us by their boldness in surpassing ready-made solutions and posing and solving unprecedented new problems. They epitomize, and inspire us with, culture’s power to extend the problem solving that evolution implanted in us all.
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