neck pain since 2 years ...

March 14, 2010 1:36am CST
i have a neck pain since 2 years . i knew that it started bcoz of playing continously games on mobile phone for long time.where i had to bend my neck, but since 6 months no doctors is able to diagnosis the real thing . i had my neck x-ray done , i had done a mri scanning of my neck . but the reports says everything is fine , can any body help me out , after getting up in the morning it hurts i have rotate , i can listen to crunching sounds . is it related to spine or nerves . plzz can anyone help me . my email id is
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@common_man (1799)
• India
14 Mar 10
Frinnd, u need to do neck exercises regularly for releaf. do as follow, 1. Slowly move your neck down till your chin touches your neck. 2. slowly turn your neck fully to left and then fully to right slowly. 3. Turn your neck clockwise and then anticlock wise making full round. These you should do regularly every day 5 5 times. WHen its paining do not do it. take pain killer let pain be reduced, then you do. If if pains while doing do not oberexert, but make attempt to do. I am sure this will help you.
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@cybersoft01 (1284)
• India
14 Mar 10
Well, I see you have already got some suggestions. If Physiotherapy does not help you then I suggest you to go for homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is very effective in cases like yours where all the examination reports do not reveal any disorder and doctors are unable to diagnose.
@carmenzhj (120)
• New Zealand
14 Mar 10
I had the similar experience in the past the following method helped me through it. sit up right close your eyes and start to move your head slowly, imagine your head is drawing an 8 shape, do it clockwise and anti-clockwise for number of times. If you feel the pain do, keep doing it the more you do the better you feel the next day. I did 200 round the first day and I feel a load had been taken off my head the second day. So tried it if you are keen.