can you recomend some tips that really makes your voice more pitchy?

March 14, 2010 7:17am CST
i have so many warm ups i've tried but my voice gets it advisable to make your voice more on shouting?. so confused about it..:(
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@tetsella (29)
• Philippines
22 Jul 10
Listen to songs with higher notes every day until your ear will get used to it.That is just the first step...
@liuzhi (265)
• China
14 Mar 10
Well,I would advise you to do some voice training in the morning.Try to make voice from the abdominal and that will increase your voice power~
@cloud31 (5810)
14 Mar 10
Its not advisable to shout to get a pitchy voice,don't drink cold water,and whenever you sing pull out your voice from deep inside.When you sing empty your stomach from food so you can shout out loud without hassle as your vocal cord is open and the passage of air is just open. Happy myLotting!
@MoJuly (4)
• China
14 Mar 10
It sounds very interesting!