Have you ever known a man called prince and what about him?

Hong Kong
March 14, 2010 7:31am CST
I only know three people whose name related to prince.The first one of course is Prince Charles of UK.I definately won't be able to know him personally,but I at least knew his existance when I was only a kid.I onky have a sense that he will be on the news once awhile and looks like one of his duty will be travel around and visit certain countries.Another one was Derek Prince,He was a Bible teacher and full of the power of the Holy Spirt.He led many people to Christ,cast out many demons and many healing took places in his ministry.He is in heaven and I think he is enjoying his time now.The last one I knew was a singer in USA called Prince.I don't know too much about this guy except seen him on the movie once .Looks like his character was quite rebellious type.I think the teenages at my times(many years ago)would probably like him.For me?Na....Not for me.Looks like he never shaved and always appeared to be a man full of hatre in his eyes.I feel he looks like the beggars in my country ,ha ha...^_^.But Frankly speaking,I don't know anything about this man.Well,that's all I know about "prince",what about you?Somehow I prefer to know a princess,instead of a prince^_^.
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@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
14 Mar 10
One of my distant relatives was married to one.. so yes :P Although I've never met either personally; our common ancestor was many generations ago.