how many hours do you listen to music everyday ?

@vikeyme (109)
March 14, 2010 11:41am CST
how many hours do you listen to music everyday ?i am interested in it ... i spend about 8 hours . is it too much . how about you ?i really need you answers
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8 responses
• Puerto Rico
16 Mar 10
In the week well I think 2 or 3 hours in the car! Wekeend more than 5!
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
The moment I wake up in the morning, I look for my phone and listen to music until I eat my breakfast and do things and do the chores while listening to music. And then when I open my computer, I will listen to music again, it's like everywhere to me!!! I can't count how many hours a day!
• India
14 Mar 10
at an average i spend around 4 hours listening to music . as music is more than a hobby to me , i cant live without it . i think if you are really much into music , you can spend that much time on it.
• United States
14 Mar 10
There's usually never a moment in time that music isn't playing in my ears. I'll even make something up with some table-drumming and improv lyrics if I have to.
@phyrre (2321)
• United States
14 Mar 10
The amount I listen to music varies from day to day. I will say that I probably listen to music more than I should, but oh well. I tend to listen to music on drives, so when I drive to and from work I listen to music as well as when I take trips to other places, too. Also, when I'm cleaning I listen to music. Sometimes when I'm online I listen to music while I do things like mylot as well because it helps me focus a little bit more. I like having the background noise.
@kyleuy (271)
14 Mar 10
8 hours is not too much.. I listen to music for hours as well!! sometimes i get to fall asleep already and when i wake up my ipod is still playing! :) I listen to music everyday when i prepare to go out of the house, on my way to work, at work, on my way home, in my room, anywhere anytime! I love listening to music its part of my life already.. No Music, No Life!
• Japan
14 Mar 10
about two hours in a day during week days but on weekend i can listen to music as much as i want to. i love music. it calms the being and it is relaxing. i love to listen to music and if I have the chance I will always listen to music.
@Dumpertaker (1188)
14 Mar 10
Music is a big thing in my life, and I listen to it as much as possible. I listen to digital radio stations or music TV channels while I am using the PC, I listen to music on my phone when I am out travelling anywhere and I also listen to music as I go to sleep as it helps me relax. I'm guessing I listen to music too much!