do you like people who are not smile at all

@vikeyme (109)
March 15, 2010 12:57am CST
i find some people don't like to laugh at all,and i hardly see them laugh ,i think their life is hard or they have faced big problems?do you like this kind of people.
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• Philippines
10 Apr 10
i'm sorry for those people who doesn't feel any happiness in them..smiling makes your day better and it removes all the heavy feelings within they say laughter is the best also slows down your do smile..its never hard to do when you are willing to do it..
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
I dislike people who don't smile and don't laugh at all. They are so negative people and that makes me think what has happened to the world and why there are such people. I'm a happy person and I don't want to be pulled down with negative people and negative energy. There was one time when I had to cook a recipe and I needed only 1 teaspoon of grated ginger. Since I don't have extra ginger at home, I had to buy that at the supermarket. I found this really small ginger that looks like a one-inch long cashew. I asked the employee if the supermarket allows weighing of items that small. When he weighed it, it only costs 37 cents. This is in Philippine currency. If converted to US dollars, it wouldn't even reach 1 US cent. It's only about USD .008. At the current state of our country all of us Filipinos would complain "What could one peso...or even, what could 10 pesos buy nowadays?" Then, we got to buy something as cheap as that. Well, that's only what I needed. What would I do with extra ginger? Thank goodness it was all right to buy something from the store that small. My brother and I were laughing so hard when we saw how much it was. We were already out of breath...but the the employee, he had a really straight face. I'd like to say in his face, "Come on! What is wrong with you? Why can't you even laugh at that simple thing? If you don't want your job, quit! Somebody who would die for a job needs that more than you." What a funny yet annoying experience...
@jammyt (2820)
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
Generally, I love smiling people. Filipinos are usually cheerful people. Of course, there are some days that people go through problems. You must understand that not everyone can smile despite going through difficult times. Being able to smile despite having bad times is really both an art and talent.
@preethaanju (3000)
• India
15 Mar 10
Never. There is nothing more irritating than to see a dull brooding face. A smile is a curve that straightens many things. In china they say, a man without a smiling face must not be in business. This highlights the importance of a cheerful countenance. Keep smiling and see how ur problems will evaporate..