In NBA game, what is the team you most want to build

March 15, 2010 2:30am CST
Hi,friends. Do you like playing NBA game. I like it very much. Let's talk about your most ideal team in the game.It must meet the rule to build. My ideal team is below: PG:Deron Williams SG:Kevin Martin SF:Shane Battier PF:Anthony Randolph C:Dwight Howard
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@werty009 (404)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
well for me hmmm i want the team to be build up us new york knicks..right now their in progress my ideal line up for them is C-David Lee PF-Lamarcus Aldrige SF-Lebron James SG-Dwayne Wade PG-Derron Williams that's a better line up for them solid back court and young Center and Power Forward and with a Lebron James maybe that could work ^^
@marvz023 (189)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
not a lot have seen this (because he just got famous recently) but dwight howard has difficulty playing against yao ming. they both have similar power game which yao has the advantage. aside from power and height, he's got range, is unselfish and plays ball everytime he is on the court. injury is hampering yao every year because of his game at the same time his incredible height. he is also young, so im gonna go for yao. amare can dominate yao because yao lacks the quickness and he plays more of a quick big man (who can dunk it hard) against yao. dwight can dominate amare because he can slightly match his quickness and dwight has overwhelming power against amare. but amare is more of a power forward than a center so amare is my PF. when it comes to youth, athleticism and the power to lead a team, lebron comes to mind... end of story. i like kobe and wade at shooting guard, but im sure they cant blend with the other 3. ill go for evans and derrick rose for the guards. they are something when the time comes c- yao pf- stoudemire sf- james sg- evans pg- rose
@hbk2244 (180)
• United States
15 Mar 10
If I had the pick of anyone in the NBA, why not go for the best. At center, I'd go with Dwight Howard. At power forward, I'd go with the most under rated player in the NBA, Amare Stoudamire. I'd take LeBron James and stick him at small forward. Kobe Bryant would be the shooting guard and because I have four scorers on the team, I'd take a run of the mill point guard that can get them the ball and rarely shoot. I';ll go with Chucky Atkins.
• Hong Kong
15 Mar 10
Well this will depend on what I actually want to do with the team. If I want to win a championship immediately to attract future stars to join my team, then I will go for PG - Chauncy Billups SG - Dwyane Wade SF - Caron Butler PF - Kevin Garnett C - Dwight Howard However, that is for the short term. For the long term and to build a succesfull franchise, I would need to get players that can perform well and has a great chance of improving a lot. However, to build a good team, it doesn't necessarily need a lot of superstars, I think that the best thing is to get a good combination of players that will fit into your desired playing style and help you win games. For me, I would like to play a fast paced yet organised game, so not as quick and messy like the Golden State Warriors, but not as slow as the Spurs or Celtics. For my starting lineup, I will get PG - Derrick Rose SG - Brandon Roy SF - Caron Butler PF - Amare Stoudamire C - Brook Lopez The reason I chose these players is that they are already established themselves as great players. Derrick Rose had a great Rookie season and is still improving, he can dribble and pass the ball well, also, he can shoot the ball quite nicely also. Bradon Roy and Caron Butler are two very similar players, Butler is a better defender, but Roy can score in more ways. They will pair up quite nicely. Amare can both shoot it and dominate the paint. He can help the team score when everyone is in a scoring slump, he'll just charge into the paint and dunk it in. Brook, well, he's a very solid player. He can rebound well and shoot the ball OK, his inside game is also improving a lot, pity he's in a bad team. My subs will include players such as - Michael Beasley (6th man) DeJuan Blair, Eddie House, Robin Lopez, JJ Barea, Leandro Barbosa, and a few more players... These players have 1 thing in common, they bring energy. Some by defending, some by rebounding and some by scoring. All the players in this team are young and athletic. On 2k10, I made a team very similar, except that my SG is Dwyane Wade, SF is Brandon Roy and PF is Kevin Garnett.